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What is the power of positive thinking?

We all know what “Power” means…but how is that related to your thinking?


Let us go over some similar words related to positivity….


  • Confident
  • Optimistic
  • Cheerful
  • Hopeful
  • Upbeat
  • Good
  • Favourable
  • Promising
  • Encouraging
  • Heartening


All are indicating agreement or support. So when your thoughts can be described by these uplifting adjectives, they become Powerful!


Hence…the power of positive thinking!!


Manifest A Better Life Through The Power Of Positive Thinking


How can YOU benefit from having the power of positive thinking?

When you choose to habitually think constructively (positively)…Your Life Will Change!! 


What happens is that when you can think positive, the things around you begin to change. You begin to start seeing things in a different way


Every day things do not deem to be a struggle anymore. Things that you once saw as overwhelming become simpler. Worry lessens. Your problems become challenges to overcome.


No, it does not happen over night, however with continued effort and personal development in areas that may need some tweaking…they will become easier.  


Our conscious mind feeds our thoughts (the positive thinking) into our subconscious mind. When your conscious mind accepts the fact that positive thinking will be powerful, amazing things can happen.


Once it is accepted as true…our subconscious mind goes to work to see that it IS. You see, the nature of our thoughts is brought about in our lives. 


This happens through our subconscious mind. 


Are you beginning to see why the power of positive thinking is SO VERY IMPORTANT?


Manifest A Better Life Through The Power Of Positive Thinking


Changing your thoughts to manifest the power of positive thinking…

Choose to fill your mind with thoughts of those described above…pleasant ones. And if negativity begins to join in…push it out, change your thoughts. 


Think how you can change that thought into something more positively Powerful


  • If you begin to think, “I can’t!” – Change it to “I CAN!”
  • If you begin to worry…Stop!!  Change the tune of your mind. Think of ways to change whatever it is you are worrying about. 
  • If you tell yourself, “I don’t like that!” – Try it…you just might like it!!
  • If you tell yourself, “I can’t afford that!” – You won’t!


Your subconscious mind will take those thoughts, that originated from your conscious mind and make sure that it manifests into your life. 


Whatever the thoughts are that may creep into your mind…Stop. Acknowledge them. Change them. Sometimes simply thinking or doing the very opposite of something destructive can change the course of thought. 


It is your thoughts that are manifested into your life. So if you want a different result for your life…You MUST begin to think differently. 


If you are constantly thinking about how you can not afford something, or worry about money…Money will ALWAYS be an issue for you. 


If you are constantly thinking about your crappy job, your job will continue to be crappy.


You see where I am going with this?  


Manifest A Better Life Through The Power Of Positive Thinking


Choose the opposite thought…and start to believe that it is true. Be happy about your thoughts. Even if you must fake it in the beginning. Continue and it will change.


The Great Thing about it is….YOU have the power to change your thoughts. YOU have the power of positive thinking!!



Make a decision to change your thoughts to positive ones and watch how the power of positive thinking can change your life!!!



May Your Dreams Be With You, 

Stacey DeAngeles


P.S. If you have found value here in the information I shared, leave a comment below. I am wishing you Power over your thoughts…And the power of positive thinking!!! :)


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